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TR6 74 TR6 - Transmission / Shifting gears


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Afternoon Folks -
Car has been in the garage since last December being restored. Drove it before purchasing and it was shifting ok.
Drained oil and had no serious residue in the oil or on the magnetic plug. Just replaced the rear trans seal and found the shifter stuck in second. Removed top cover and inspected and everything appears ok. Refilled with new oil. Replaced top cover.
Shifting is firm but it still gets stuck in second. I found by depressing the clutch and rotating the drive shaft slightly (using a large screwdriver) it ā€œunsticksā€ and I can shift again. Same for reverse.
So, my question - Is this normal? Should you be able to shift easily with the engine not running?



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I think for the most part it can shift to any gear from any gear 1st 3rd 4th to 1st. My car parked I move to Neutral and start car with clutch out ( no load on dry thrust bearings ) Looking at gears from top my not see reason, the synchro aid into gear not out ( I am open if wrong ) your brass forks my be worn flat pads on end will show wear leads to limited travel. Gears are not square cut but curved so movement requires some small turning to come out of gear. By rotation shaft and gears you help it slide out. Reverse on the other hand is square cut with out synchro and is also the shift lever is caged as not to go 3rd to Rev. and light lifting of shaft lever makes it easy. Madflyer


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If the boxes sit for long periods the oil at the top of the box...i.e. around the entire shifter apparatus, tends to turn to varnish and get sticky. My TR2 was so stuck that a PO had bent the shift lever trying to get it out of gear...all due to varnish. If you are in a position to pop the cover again, you can clean it thoroughly with carb cleaner to free it up. If not, don't sweat it. Once it gets running and used regularly it should loosen up. Oh, to finish my gearbox's story, there was no damage to the box even after a guerilla bent the shifter lever!


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Thanks guys. I cleaned the gears with WD40 (sprayed heavily and drained) and refilled case from the top. (Great advice and help from Madflyer). Everything appears clean and lubed. Just wanted to make sure before I put all this back together and install the trans cover.


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Heads - up on replacing cover that you did not move any gears and the Rev idler bell cam on left side Idler it should be towards center of case so cover goes in correctly and not in any gear. I say that because I helped another TR owner who when replacing cover slipped gears and shifter did not shift. I am in Nevada he is East Coast so Pictures E-mails and phone time to talk him back to a working trans. I also recommend WD 40 for cleaning. Kerosene is the only other fluid to use as it leaves an oil film. Madflyer
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