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TR6 70 TR6 Brake Booster


Brakes on the 6 are extremely poor--requires very hard push on the pedal. What are the diagnostic procedures for the booster? I've never dealt with one before.


I had a torn diaphragm in mine which made the pedal go soft to the floor with minimal braking. It required a real hard push then. Had the diaphragm repaired and that essentially solved the problem ( I say "essentially" because I think I still need to bleed the system a little more). The torn diaphragm was caused by fuel backflow through the vacuum system. The anti-backflow valve (real name escapes me at the moment) was replaced also. As far as diagnosis goes, I knew something like that would be the problem because there was an audible hiss when the pedal was depressed (vacuum leak) and the engine would run rough. That's one possibility to investigate. Cost me $125 to rebuild the booster.
Bad hoses will do that too. Who built yours for $125 and how long ago?
I took mine to a local place called Power Brake Exchange. They had it done for me in about 1 hour. I'll have to double check the price. $125 is what I recall, but it may have been more. This was probably 3 or four months ago.
Jacmo said:
Brakes on the 6 are extremely poor--requires very hard push on the pedal. What are the diagnostic procedures for the booster? I've never dealt with one before.



One test is, with the engine off, step on the brake pedal and start the engine. If there is no drop in the pedal, then you know the booster is not doing its job for some reason. If so, its usually is an internal problem with the booster. Brake Materials & Parts Inc. in Ft. Wayne does a great rebuild for a good price.

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