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66 Austin 1100 Carbs


Darth Vader
Back in the day I owned an Austin 1100 that had dual SU's. Some people tell me that a PO must have added the extra carb because they did not come from that way from the factory? Were dual carbs an option for the North American market in that era?

Deleted member 8987

Really starts out with twin cabs came with 1300 engines, but then WAY down:

"2 October 1962 - United Kingdom: Launch of the MG 1100 four-door saloon in Britain. Like the Morris 1100, the two-door saloon was reserved for export only. The MG 1100 had a more powerful 55 bhp (41 kW) twin carburettor version of the A Series engine and a more luxurious interior."

This article lumps Morris, MG, Austin, Riley, Wolseley, Vanden Plas Princess all sort of together.