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Wanted '59 TR3A Clutch Master Cylinder - USED, RE-BUILDABLE, NOS


Looking for a clutch master cylinder to replace one that failed recently.

The cylinder should look like this
from left to right
original MC during restoration, photos from recent eBay ad (UK supplier)
close-up clutch&brake master.JPGebay1.jpgebay2.jpgebay3.jpg

and NOT like this

(foreground in photo) the MC currently offered by the major suppliers


Any leads on a replacement MC would be appreciated.:smile:

Best regards,



Luke Skywalker
Country flag
Is this the supplier? Picture shows correct cylinder.
> TRIUMPH TR3 TR3a TR3b Brake / Clutch Master Cylinder (From 1957- 62) | eBay <

I think I have a used one but there are several bore sizes. Will see if I can find it and measure the bore.

By the way, the adapter fitting on the new repros comes out and the pipe goes right in without it or at least it did on the one I replaced several years ago. You can't do much about the reinforcing tab cast into the housing.



Luke Skywalker
Country flag
This might be what I was thinking of. Probably of no use to you as it has the reinforcing fin. It is also 7/8 bore, which is incorrect for the TR3.
cl cyl.jpg
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