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'58 XK150 Dynalite Alternator swap question


Freshman Member
This XK150 is set up negative ground, as is the Dynalite Alternator. It uses the original 3"OD pulley.
I trust the shop changed wiring per instructions to bypass the original voltage regulator.
At idle, the ammeter now shows ~25% discharge w/out lights and ~50% discharge with headlights on.
(Cibie Z-Beams w/ 55w halogen lamps).

At running speed of 2500 - 3000 crank RPM, the ammeter rises to neutral, but does not move to the positive charge side at all.

The interweb tubes believe an alternator won't put out below 2000 RPM at the alternator?
Is there something about the standard ammeter that needs to be rewired?


I would like to be able to feed both the Z-beams and a pair of Cibie pencil beam driving lights using big direct wires and a slew of relays to take orders from existing switches. No hope unless I can get more amps into the system.

Steve Poland
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