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58 Bugeye Ignition/Light Switch


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I am trying to take the light knob and tumble out of my ignition switch because they are both fairly difficult to turn. When I push the detent in the light knob I assume the knob should then pull off but mine does not seam to move. I also see there is a hole in the back metal portion of the switch that I assume removes the tumbler? I do not feel any detent in that hole. Any advise would be appreciated I am trying not to break anything.

Thanks for any help


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There is a problem with current Combo Ign Switches. The new batch of parts is on Backorder and they are not interchangable with the OEM Stuff. In addition there is a quality hold with Moss as anytime you go to take them apart to install the Lockset they break. I had this conversation with David from Bugeye Guy.com and he told me his guys had developed a technique to fix/repair/ Refurbish the Combo Switches. NFI but if it's possible to fix he might be able to help you out. I wanted a new switch and was advised stick with the old one. Again I'd try him first on this one.
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