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5-speed, 1968, 4.2, E-Type, OTS


Senior Member
Looking for a 5 speed - Have tried Medatronics - the have a great websit, their response is they do not have the JT5 - haven't, for awhile - don't know when they might have them - so much for that - I'm trying LITE Racing in the UK - any comment would be helpful - Midnight


Freshman Member

Just joined the forum, having done a number of 5 speed boxes on e types and mk2s in the last year, I have been persuading my clients to buy their boxes so I can fit them from Realm in the UK. He uses Supra boxes, they fit well to the stock bell housing and only require minimal tunnel cutting. They are quiet, clients love the drop in rpm with that 5th gear.

I've done away with the carbon thrust bearings and gone with newer roller release bearing clutch setups for the installs I have done.
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