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TR2/3/3A 3A Gas Cap keeps popping open?


Darth Vader
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Anyone have a fix for this?....also I've lost the gasket that fits in the cap. What do you guys use for a gasket or is there a nitrile O ring of that size that would work in there?:eagerness:


Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
The only time I've had that problem, the pivot pin for the catch was worn almost all the way through. Was a long time ago and I've forgotten the details, but I found some stock to match and cut a replacement pin. Very frustrating trying to hold it all in position against the spring, while tapping the new pin in.

On mine, there is no gasket in the cap. There is some sort of material in a groove in the body, but it's more of a cushion for the cap than anything, IMO. The cap itself does not seal tightly. I just left it alone, but I'm sure you could find some O-ring stock (or better yet, square or X section stock) that would fit it.

Geo Hahn

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... I'm sure you could find some O-ring stock (or better yet, square or X section stock) that would fit it.

I agree - more a cushion than a real seal so you can get by with something basic. I used an extra square profile O-Ring that came with a cartridge oil filter and cut it to the length needed for fill that area. Didn't bother to super glue the ends together, just jammed it in there snug.

What level of condition are you shooting for? I have a serviceable cap that has much of the chrome worn off from 50 years of being pushed shut. Yours for postage if you want it but you'll want to see a photo first to know the condition and confirm it is the same fitment as yours (came off my 59).


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Karls59, I fixed my same problem by putting blue Thread Lock on the spring of the latch.

Also, make sure that when you close the cap, pull up on the latch to seat it well.

1959 TR3
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