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3000 with clear hard top??

Healey Nut

Luke Skywalker
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Looks like it belongs on the set of the Jetsons ?


Jedi Warrior
Kind of reminds me of our dual fuel convection oven. Cooks from the top and bottom with circulator fans. Everything cooks twice as fast.

The solar gain must be very effective in that car.

Bob Hughes

Luke Skywalker
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But it gets rid of the blind spot issues when you come up to a less than 90 degree Tee junction. I was out in the BJ7 the other day on a rare occasion when I had the soft top up. Came up to an oblique junction and had the devil of a job checking on the passenger side if it was safe to go, I was on my own and I wanted to turn right and could not see down to the left at all.




Jedi Warrior
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IMG_8460.jpg This is the hardtop that Hans has at the Healey Museum. I visited last month.
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If you google around you'll find clear plastic kayaks, etc. That must be the shark equivalent of my looking in a seafood market's lobster tank.
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