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3-point seat belts on late production BT7 MKII


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Does anyone have a source for brackets and belts for this car? I had 2-point belts installed, but just
re-did interior with panel kit, etc. The castle nuts on the wheel arches are there, but the book
shows another bracket to attach the 3rd point of the belt system, which is not present.
Just to be safer, if I can find a good 3-point system that works, that's the route I want to go.
Thanks in advance for the help.
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i bought the three point brackets to install in my 59 bn6. i got them from healey surgeons.
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If you haven't purchased the 3 point belts, consider the detachable ones. You can use the tonneau cover by threading the belts through the flap.


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Our three point belts don't come apart to allow us to come through the tonneau flap, and I might take them into a legitimate shop to see about putting another buckle in the shoulder strap to allow this (plus allow easier adjusting - they were purchased some years ago from AH Spares and are not all that convenient), as having to go under/around the tonneau isn't as good as I would wish. Tahoe Healey - can you suggest suppliers for the detachable style? Thanks, Doug
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I got mine from Moss many years ago. Note that some earlier tonneaus have a slit to allow the tonneau to go around the belts but most I have seen have the "trap door" with snaps. If Moss doesn't carry them any more, they may be able to find you a source. It is really neat design with a detachable clip.
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