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210 5 speed parts problems



My "60" five speed's output shaft bearing isn't the same as what's listed for it. It's definalty a 5 speed and definaly a 60. I's smaller then what all parts catalogs show. I thought it might have been a 56, but it's nota nd the catalog even shows the four speed as using the larger output shaft bearing. I can't read the numbers off of the old bearing either. Any ideas?


Appear to be an odd ball size. Pt # 62/22.

50mm o.d, 22mm i.d, 14mm width.

I'm finding it allot in motorcyle sites.


As you have found there are different "60" transmissions.
The number stamped into the top of the bell housing will help you find out exactly what you've got. Something like "F5SWxxxx".


It's a Fs5W60A, but that's not stamped in the top, all I have is FA and the serial number. My Nissan buddy says it's an '81, as that one had two different countershaft bearings in the case like mine, and a different output shaft bearing than '79 and '80. According to him, tranns before 8/80 are differnt in some respects than trannys after that date. He also stated that Nissan considers anything after the sixth month, to be the next model year. Now I'm wondering if I'm goinf to have trouble finding the yoke to fit it.
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