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2018 News Years resolution


Jedi Knight
My 2018 New Year's resolution was to work on Bugeye or sell before 2019, in November not a bolt had been turned on my 1959 Bugeye. Call a friend local to me who loves British rust and gave him a price that I knew he would not resist.

I know a lot of you don't recognize by name but at one time was active, and I want to thank Basil? Who has a big heart for the members, please support him and he also has many other organizations he supports through this forum.

I also thank the members that shared the
knowledge and information you just would not know. Period.

It was rainy day I spent in the garage with my un- completed project, getting all the parts together for new owner. And as I looked at the Bugeye prepared to be hauled away I thought of all the nights I worked banged and cussed on the car to get it where it was now, I found joy in the pleasure this little car gave me, and the new friends I found along the way.
Happy New Year from Mightymidget!!


Obi Wan
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Sorry to see you reach that point, but you recognized it and did the right thing. I hope to be a good steward of my LBCs and pass them along when the time comes...they need to be enjoyed. Just because you’re selling your Bugeye doesn’t mean you can’t check in from time to time.


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A hard spot to come to, but it sounds like you're at peace with the decision to move it on. Hopefully your friend will be able to finish things up and take you for a ride some day.
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