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2013 Nissan Frontier front end mystery


Senior Member
I've had the above car since new. For a while, it has made a growling tire road noise. Alignment does not seem to help. I figured it was a bad front tire. I now have 40 miles on new front tires and the problem persists. Whe driving straight there is a distinct growl. The slightest left pressure on the steering wheel sharply increases it. The slightest right pressure on the steering wheel about makes it go away. The clue I noticed on the way back from the tire shop today is, if you turn hard left to increase the sound and step moderately on the brake, the noise goes away. A year ago, I had an alignment and the shop put two eccentric bolts in the left lower control arm. This did not seem to affect it (but it might have; memory 71 yrs old).

Any opinions?



Senior Member
By the way, the front wheel bearings were checked by a reliable shop (I don't usually work on my daily drivers) in October with the calipers off. No noise was found and no looseness was found. (I am inclined toward the wheel bearings, BTW)


Staff member
I know you said the bearings were checked, but I would still be thinking the hubs/ bearings. If the noise in coming from one side, you might try swapping the hubs and see if the noise moves. Just a thought.


Great Pumpkin
We have not been able to discern which side is involved. I will probably just replace both sides.


That makes most sense. Once disassembled, renewing bearings and any seals is "half the work" of swapping the hub's sides, scratchin' your head and replacing the bearings anyway.


Freshman Member
"We have not been able to discern which side is involved. I will probably just replace both sides."

That seems like a good solution. You may want to check out 4WheelOnline as well for spares. They're selling them off at a very affordable price.


Great Pumpkin
Just a thought - could the noise be a loose brake pad/caliper? or corrosion on the disk contacting or rubbing the stationary part of the suspension? A loose caliper caused the "growling" sound on my 2010 Nissan Altima.
Tom M.


Senior Member
I went ahead and had another shop check. It was clearly a wheel bearing. It was replaced. I don't know why the other shop didn't find it
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