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1st Real Drive


Senior Member
The sun finally came out here in Northern California so I played hooky from work and took the wife for a drive. In the six years that I have owned the car this is the 1st time I have covered more than 20 miles in a day and maybe the 3rd time that my wife has been in the car.

It was great! First 20 miles on the freeway at about 65 mph (speedometer said 70) were smooth, overdrive worked perfectly; only minor vibration from the drive shaft that I cut down and welded myself. I took the freeway because I wanted to be able to tell Hagerty tow service what road I was on. Didn't need to.

Putted around Petaluma a bit; stop and go, traffic, etc. Idle is a bit low so when at a stop light it felt like it wanted to stall, but never did.

Took country roads for the 40 mile trip home and it ran beautifully. My wife was thrilled. She bought the car for me for Christmas and had never really ridden in it.

There are some glitches to be sorted out; I will be asking you guys for help with but all in all it was a really nice day:

1) The brakes need a lot of help
2) There is a chirping noise from right front wheel - sounds a little like a brake squeeler that is just beginning to touch - more so on a left hand turn - all new brakes
3) Drive shaft is rubbing against the tunnel, just at the back of my seat, at certain bumps and under certain loads - I actually wonder if I need to change my rear springs
4) None of the lights on the front half of the car work
5) Smells a little rich

Thanks for your help in getting the Spit back on the road



Great Pumpkin
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doates said:
... I took the freeway because I wanted to be able to tell Hagerty tow service what road I was on.

Spoken like a true Rumphy


Jedi Knight

Sounds like some minor problems... Except those brakes, noises and smells.
Make it safe. By then, you'll be used to those brakes, noises and smells.


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Dennis...Congratulations on the ride. Yesterday was really nice with SUN! You should continue to find help here on the forum as you sort thru things. Why not mark down the UBSCC All British Car Show over in Woodland on your calendar!
Gil NoCal https://www.ubscc.org/CarShow.htm


Senior Member

I attended that last year; found out about it here. Talking to some really friendly Spitfire owners at the show is one of the things that inspired me to restart work on the Spit and get it back on the road. Has it been a year already?
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