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1997 Vanden Plas X300 ,Help With Turn Signal Blowing Fuses

JL's 97 Jag

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  • Hello fellow jaguar enthusiasts I have a 1997 Vanden Plas that keeps blowing the front passenger side fuse for the right side flasher , the bulb out indicator stays on when the fuse is blown and when I put a new one in the bulb out indicator still comes on when the brake pedal is pressed and the right side flasher is used. No brake lights are blown no flashers are blown but the indicator still comes on and use of the right side flasher blows the fuse in about ten minutes of use. Any and all suggestions would be helpful.




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Might check right side ground and trace wires thru fender for cuts or cracks. Old enough for wires to chaff. Find a wiring schematic and see where everything comes together.

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It has been a LONG time since I dove into one of those.

Isn't the inside of the assembly a circuit board?

If it takes that long to blow the fuse, and you have a dead bulb indication....I'd be looking at the socket and circuit board carefully for corrosion, burn marks, et cetera.

If this was the MG or TRiumph forums, I'd say replace the coil.
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