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1989 toyota camry, rough idle when in gear, help


Jedi Warrior
I have a 1989 toyota camry. 120,000 miles. Automatic transmission, and 3S-FE engine. Currently get around 22 mpg. When I am in gear (and with the brake on, i.e. stopped at a stop light), I get a lot of engine vibration. I replaced all the engine mounts, but that the issue didn't go away.

There is no error codes from the ECM.

I thought the issue may be coming from the EGR valve. Did diagnostics on the EGR valve and EGR vacuum modulator (by following the instructions from the Haynes repair manual for the car). The BVSV, EGR and EGR vacuum modulator pass the test in operation and vacuum signals.

I checked the compression on all 4 cyilinders the cylinders and they are within spec.

While pulling the plugs they are not fouled (a while back I replaced the plugs, wires, and distributor which needed to be replaced anyways, but the problem still didn't go away). I also did the resistance test on the wires and distributor cap and distributor with an ohm meter and they are within spec.

The timing is within spec (10 deg BTDC). Check the idle speed and it is with in spec. I also checked the IAC (idle air control valve) resistance (according to the repair manual) and it is within spec.

The idle speed valve resistance across the center electrical connector to both the upper and lower connect reads to be 18 ohms (the spec calls for 16-17 ohms), but 1 ohm off doesn't seem to be that much off to cause problems. Unless would you disagree with this as a possible cause to my problem?

Any other ideas on what the issue is?


Great Pumpkin
Country flag
Head temp sensor.


Luke Skywalker
Check for slight vacuum leak at intake manifold, or on any of the hoses.

Dave :savewave:


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I second Dave


Is the radiator held in place by rubber grommets or brackets? If so, might check them, loosen the radiator mount, with the engine idling, shake the radiator and retighten the fasteners.
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