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For Sale 1978 MG Midget Best Offer


Jedi Trainee
1978 MG Midget. Has been sitting in shop for many (20+) years. Was brought in for body and paint work and never picked up. No title on car. We have some paperwork completed to identify prior owner which should make getting title a little easier.
The car was repainted but has some dings from time sitting in shop. Needs some interior work. Car was driven into shop, but has a starter issue so is not running. Could be a simple project for someone inclined to get a title, or would be a good parts car. Does not have bumpers and some trim and light lenses are missing. See photos. Previously listed for $750 but looking for any reasonable offer. Call 859-225-5111 8:00 am to 5:00 pm business, or 859-684-2427 cell.


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