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For Sale 1975 Tr6 for Sale


Freshman Member
1975 TR6 – Restoration completed three years ago, and now has approx. 3500 miles on the road and runs great. Rebuilt engine with streetable performance parts – J overdrive – new interior – good top – new metal fenders – solid tub and frame.

This is a very good driver but not a concours show car. It looks good up close and has received a lot of good comments from other TR6 owners. I drive this a lot in the summer and have taken a couple of hundred mile plus trips with no problems.

I am selling to complete a TR3 restoration and purchase a Wedge. Email me for more pictures and restoration details. dpledford@gmail.com

The price is $15,000.00. I have a clean PA title.

I may consider a trade for a TR7 or 8.

Right Full view.jpg Interior 1.jpg Engine right side.jpg
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