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MGB 1973 MGB Value


Freshman Member
Hello all, I'm trying to ascertain the value of a friend's 1973 MGB. He's had it for many years and is now considering selling it and I thought this forum would be a great place start to try to figure out the value of the car.

The car is a 1973 MGB with steel bumpers and has a removable hard top. I have not personally seen this car but I can attest to the owners stated accuracy of what it is and its condition. Ah, condition, this is the fun part... As I understand it the car has been in storage for at least 20 years, and has been stored inside all that time, and he has owned it for much longer than that. The owner says the body is straight, no corrosion, no modifications, and ready for assembly. Oh, did I say assembly? Yes, that's the hitch, the car is completely disassembled, well except for the engine. All the parts are there, many NOS and spare parts, all accurately stored and cataloged for the eventually assembly. Everything is reportedly there.

The owner also has an Austin Healy in the same condition, unassembled, which I have personally viewed, and he was passionate in ensuring everything was properly cataloged according to the British Leyland manuals. As I understand it he owned a MG or British Leyland dealership once upon a time. I've posted a similar post about the Austin Healy in the AH area.

From what I have so far figured out, the value of the car in this condition is anywhere from $2,000 to $6,000 because it is disassembled. I've heard many times that its hard to get someone to buy someone else's project but that's not entirely true in this case (the way I see it) as the car is completely disassembled and unmodified, so its technically not someone else's project, it just needs assembly.

So there you have it, I'm eager to hear what your thoughts are as to value. I expect to view the cars in the next couple of weeks to get more facts. Yes, lots of photos will be taken.



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I am going to suggest that your friend think about the low end of the values listed (Sorry) There are lots of assembled MGB's in very good condition and the values for them aren't that high.

I bought a disassembled car (Vauxhall Viva GT) - mostly there but I will still be into it for a few grand before it is done - I paid 10 cents on the dollar for what the original owner had invested - and there are only about 65 left. (That 10 cents amounted to less than you lowest estimate BTW) Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it would be likely worth more assembled original and in need of restoration than it is now.


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You might want to post pictures,as it answers a lot of questions.


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Yeh have to agree with the above. Is there a checklist of all the parts there? If it's been disassembled for 20 odd years there's no guarantee things will work so yeh, it's going to be towards the lower end of the estimate if that.


Great Pumpkin
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Buying a basket case that has set that long is like buying a pig in a poke. I have never seen one that didn't cost twice as much as figured to restore. Personally I wouldn't give $1500 for it, but might give $6000 for it in running condition-(Might)! A part that was new 20 years ago, used or not is not new and more than likely will need rebuilding. You could wind up having $20,000 or more in a car worth maybe 10 to 15. Unless the car is a rare model, MGBs are not, I would never buy a basket case. Sorry, but if your friend is offered $2000 for it, grab it. JMHO. PJ


Luke Skywalker
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I think the first question should be, why was the car disassembled? Then, proceed from there.


Obi Wan
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If I were buying the car it would need to have a documented rebuilt engine, original paint in great condition with no rust anywhere. The suspension would have been rebuilt with documentation and the interior would have to be new or as new before I would pay $2000 for a kit. A documented parts list by catagory would be necessary with all of the component parts bagged and labeled. Where I live there are running and driving MGBs in great condition in the $3-4K range.


Freshman Member
Thanks for your honest insight. I figured that the value would be on the low end, but I wanted the opinion of those familiar with these cars. To the best of my knowledge the car was disassembled as the initial part of a complete restoration, but it never progressed to the next stage, life happened. Oh well. Thanks again and cheers!
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