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1972 Warshawsky catalog


Darth Vader
Dick's post on the 1975 Moss Motors price list reminded me of the 1972 Warshawsky (JCWhitney before the name change) catalog that I found in my Dad's stuff when I first got my TR4A in 1979. I loved looking at the parts and prices!

I scanned the import car section and posted it in the album below:
1972 Warshawsky Catalog

A sampling of parts and prices:

TR3 Front Apron Assembly $99.95
TR3 Front Fenders $59.95
TR4A/TR250 Grille $69.95
TR3 Side Curtains $89.95
Lucas Generator $28.95
Lucas Starter $52.50
87mm Piston and Liner Set $84.95
Used Complete Engine $245.00
Used Transmissions $150/$210
TR3/TR4 Lever Shocks $29.95
TR3/TR4 Wire Wheels $28.89



Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
HerronScott said:
(JCWhitney before the name change)
Actually, they were both at the same time. The walk-in store was Warshawsky's; the mail-order catalog was J.C. Whitney. Evidently they felt the JCW name was friendlier.

Used to shop there, back when I lived in that neck of the woods. Must've been around 1974 when my father & I drove up there to buy a set of those 87mm liners, only to find that they were out of stock. However, they had a "mismatched" set available that another customer had returned because the grading letters weren't the same. The difference was only something like .0004" and we got them for half price!

Not positive, but I think those liners went into his TR3A, and that engine still runs today (or will, if he ever gets it back from the body shop).


Darth Vader
My recollection on those two names was that J.C. Whitney was the standard catalog and Warshawsky was the mechanics catalog with better pricing for those in the trade. Also it was kinda tough to get the Warshawsky catalog.
Course its been some time and I may be totally wrong on that.


Geo Hahn

Country flag
I credit (in part) JCW for my interest in cars. I was an avid reader when young and around our house the reading choices were radio magazines, Mech Illustrated, Pop Mech & the JCWhitney catalog.

Couldn't get interested in radios but I would read the JCW catalog cover to cover. Odd when I think about it as it changed little from one issue to the next and we seemed to get a new catalog about every month, but still fascinatin'.


Jedi Trainee
Geo Hahn said:
I credit (in part) JCW for my interest in cars.

Ha! I'll second that. Got all kinds of things from them to "fix up" my high school beetle. Most of them even worked.


Jedi Trainee
i had one of those headers on my gt6 and spitfire, the spit had one those "bigbore free flow" exhausts, and i think i still have one those carburator rampipes in a box of stromberg parts somewhere...
i could be wrong, but i think if you ordered the swaybars, they were actually from ADDCO...

Geo Hahn said:
...I would read the JCW catalog cover to cover. Odd when I think about it as it changed little from one issue to the next and we seemed to get a new catalog about every month, but still fascinatin'.

anybody remember how many catalogs you would recieve AFTER they warned, "this may be your last catalog"?!?


Great Pumpkin - R.I.P
booley said:
i could be wrong, but i think if you ordered the swaybars, they were actually from ADDCO...
Yup, the TR3A ones I got through JCW were from Addco. Last time I perused a catalog, though, I thought they were carrying some other brands as well.


Jedi Hopeful
Country flag
That brings back a lot of good memories Scott. I wish I'd saved a few of those catalogs. I remember making the pilgrimage to Warshawsky's at 1917-1919 Archer Ave in the 70s when I visited Chicago.
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