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TR6 1971 TR6 compression


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Results of a compression test 1/13/2001: 165,165,153,149,146,155.99,500 miles.
Results of a test today, 8/6/2012: 170,162,165,155,155,165. 103,000 miles.
First test was done with a push-in tester. 2012 test done with a screw-in tester. How do those numbers sound? Any issues? 4 of the plugs were sooty, 2 hsd gray center electrodes. Comments? Thanks for any input.

PD Plotnick
Stamford, CT


Jedi Knight
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The compression numbers pretty good, within 10% on the second test.

You could squirt some oil into each cylinder and retest to see if your rings are worn.

Which cylinders had which plugs? Could just be a slightly rich mixture.


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One lower compression cylinder(#4) had perfect mixture, one higher (#6) had perfect. Turning the mixture screws in or out doesn't seem to make much difference but it's definitely running a bit richer. You can push the choke in after 10 or 15 seconds and it will idle perfectly. Of course its warmer now. What it will do this winter in CT - who knows?
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