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1963 Austin Healy "Sprite" Value


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Hello all, I'm trying to ascertain the value of a friend's 1963 Austin Healy "Sprite". He's had it for many years and is now considering selling it and I thought this forum would be a great place start to try to figure out the value of the car.

The car is a 1963 Austin Healy "Sprite" I think its a bug-eye, and I am not familiar with the differences between "Sprite" and "Bug-eye" so please bear with me. I have personally seen this car and I can attest to the owners stated accuracy of what it is and its condition. Ah, condition, this is the fun part... As I understand it the car has been in storage for at least 20 years, and has been stored inside all that time, and he has owned it for much longer than that. The body is straight and primed and ready for paint, no corrosion, no modifications, and ready for assembly. Oh, did I say assembly? Yes, that's the hitch, the car is completely disassembled, well except for the engine. All the parts are there, many NOS and spare parts, all accurately stored and cataloged for the eventually assembly. Everything is reportedly there, he was passionate in ensuring everything was properly cataloged according to the British Leyland manuals. As I understand it he owned a MG or British Leyland dealership once upon a time.

The owner also has a 1973 MGB in the same condition, unassembled, which I have not personally viewed, and I've posted a similar post about the MGB in the MB area.

From what I have so far figured out, the value of the car in this condition is anywhere from $2,000 to $6,000 because it is disassembled. I've heard many times that its hard to get someone to buy someone else's project but that's not entirely true in this case (the way I see it) as the car is completely disassembled and unmodified, so its technically not someone else's project, it just needs assembly.

So there you have it, I'm eager to hear what your thoughts are as to value. I expect to view the cars in the next couple of weeks to get more facts. Yes, lots of photos will be taken.



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Would be best to post this in the "Spridget" forum as those folks are more focused on Sprites. Photos would be helpful. OK, so $6000 seems crazy high for an unassembled, unpainted, Mk2 Sprite (even if nearly all new parts). Ones in very nice condition are out there for $6,000-$8,000 (or are being asked at that level); I can think of a very nicely sorted 5 speed with hard-top for pushing $10K. There are plenty available for $2K-$5K. Take a look at eBay and also for their completed auctions. [EDIT: just took a look at completed auctions and there were several nice ones, all assembled, for $2-6K.]

It can't be a Bugeye Sprite from 1963 (as Sprites had the "square" rear end and headlights moved to the fenders by that year). That written, there are ways to sort of hybridize the Mk1 and Mk2 Sprites.
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The Bug Eye or MK1 was manufactured from 1958-61, so a 63 would be a MK2 (look it up on line) these later models are worth much less than the MK1. The lower end of your range is most likely more accurate, if not less depending on condition. It might have a bug eye hood, I have seen a few later cars that had fiber glass bugeye hoods grafted on. If that is the case it is probably worth even less than a complete good condition MK2.


At this stage it is a parts car. No mention on condition of engine. Maybe $1,000-1500 tops. A friend just bought a 67 MK 4 with a running 1275 for $ 1,500.


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Thanks all for the insight. The engine is complete and has been properly stored since the car was dismantled. Matter of fact, I think there are two engines. Its kind of disappointing on the value but that seems the way of the market now day. Thanks!!


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Thanks all for the insight. The engine is complete and has been properly stored since the car was dismantled. Matter of fact, I think there are two engines. Its kind of disappointing on the value but that seems the way of the market now day. Thanks!!

I think $1-2,000 is probably in the right ballpark as well. My years of experience have shown that cars only bring a great price when I'm buying them, not selling them. :jester:
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