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1962 BN7 Price


Jedi Trainee

I am new to this site and would like your thoughts on the fair price of a restored 1961 BN7. The car I'm interested in is on Ebay and the seller says it was built as a MK1 and restored to a MK2. I don't know the difference between the two.

I would appreciate your advice and thoughts.




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I'm not an expert on current prices and the BN7 is "semi-rare" with only 355 produced, but I wonder if it really deserves a big price premium over the very similar BN6. 100Ms are certainly different from a 100 and have that factory modified cachet that justifies a price boost, but I don't think that applies to the BN7. The car in question seems very nice, but it has a Toyota 5 spd. Probably a much better driver, but if I was buying a "rare" car for a premium, I'd want it to be all original.
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Any car restored to a specification different than it left the factory would have a diminshed value in a serious collectors opinion.

I should know, as I've clearly decimated the value of my own car during the 80s with plenty of go-fast mods (which I'm slowly undoing).

If I was either contemplating a purchase or a sale, I'd be scouring recent issues of Sports Car Market. Keeping an eye on Ebay sales is also an indicator, but it's hard to track the cars with unreasonable expectations, and those that fail to sell or even get serious bids.

For the $43,500.00 (BIN) price difference, I'd rather have the 100/6 2-seater (on page 2). https://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Austin-He...=item3361e48df7

In my opinion, the $72k BIN price is over the top for a car restored to something it isn't (but it's still gorgeous!).

Good luck, either way, as Healeys are just bags of fun, and you'll get compliments everywhere you go.

SideShifter Tri-Carb

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The big difference is that the MKII was produced as a 1 year only and with 3 HS4 carbs. As Rick stated, there were only 355 and if it truly was a MKII, then it would command a premium. However, since it is just an altered MKI, I would price it as such and start from there. Restoration is a loose term and most shops can "restore" a car, but not everyone will do it correctly. Since you are new, I would hire someone to do a PPI before forking out a whole lot on a car you know very little of. I would start another thread requesting the assistance of PPI in the area near the for sale point.


Great Pumpkin
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In my opinion, the $72k BIN price is over the top-PerioD--OH!!!! BUT it ia some pretty--Keoke- :hammer:

But, what is wrong with this one too Cheap!!

Please wait Image not available
1958 Austin Healey
Austin Healey - FUN to drive!

Here is another one Pretty as it can be With soft top and hard top too.

1958 Austin Healey
1958 Austin-Healey 100-6 Roadster BN4, OD, "Restored"

Get this one Paul OK-----Keoke- :yesnod:

---------------- :laugh:
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