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Post-War Other 1961 Triumph Italia 2000 GT – new member

Italia 227

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Posted a brief intro in the New Member section, but it was suggested folks in Triumph Forum might also be interested in a bit about my car.

1961 Triumph Italia 2000 GT
  • TR-3A commission # TS 79336 LCO (late 1960 build)
  • Vignale body tag #227
  • WA License: “TRIONFO” (Italian for Triumph)
  • Modifications (for roadability): 5-speed, rack and pinion, electronic ignition and fan, oil cooler

The highest Vignale body tag # found on an Italia is #329, defining estimated production at 329 cars, with 109 still known to exist.

First licensed in Switzerland in 1961, our car spent the next 40 years there and in Germany. Purchased in 2000 from a (microscopically) small ad in the back of Triumph World, and shipped from Germany to me in WA State.

Car was said to be very solid and running, but was neither; sound familiar to anyone?. What started as a light “get it on the road” project, ultimately became a 12-year, full restoration. Work was completed with patience and persistence by British European in Seattle, and benefited from amazing help from a network of Italia owners worldwide.

In addition to challenges of repair / fabrication on coach built Vignale body, many interior and exterior components (lights, trim, badges, seats, handles, etc.) differ from car-to-car, and were sometimes sourced from whatever parts bin was handy during assembly in Italy. Identifying and sourcing missing bits was a major challenge throughout restoration. Quite a bit easier now with email, internet and much greater knowledge base about these cars. When we started, it was snail mail, Italia mythology and prayer.

Happy to share more details about the car and restoration if anyone’s interested

A few photos (only seem to able to load clickable thumbnails).



  • 227 @Kirkland.jpg
    227 @Kirkland.jpg
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  • 2014 Concors at the Wood1.jpg
    2014 Concors at the Wood1.jpg
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  • 2014 Tour.jpg
    2014 Tour.jpg
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Deleted member 8987

Maybe you'll bring it to the next All British Field Meet next summer....

Geo Hahn

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Welcome and thanks for sharing pix and info about your beautiful car.

A close friend just got one (#52) this summer and it has been a delight seeing him get acquainted with the TR way of doing things. We shook it down on a 1,300 mile drive in October.

You don't often feeled out-classed in an E-Type but there I was parked between and Italia and a TR5:


Somewhere in Utah:


Chasing a Maverik truck up Highway 191:


He was driving out of necessity as the car he had planned on taking developed a last-minute brake problem and his wife prefers a coupe. The Italia performed splendidly.

BTW - To post pix instead of thumbnails you can unclick the box labeled "Retrieve remote file and reference locally".
Italia 227

Italia 227

Freshman Member
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TOC - Would have been at Western WA ABFM this year, but there was a hassle around what class the car would be shown in, and I got a bit tired of the politics.

Geo Hahn - If I remember correctly, #52 is one of the cars that's been restored by Justin Jurgens at British Sports Cars in San Luis Obispo. Beautiful car, and love seeing pics of it on the road.

DNK - That's the car, but I can't place the event. Where was this pic taken ??

Italia 227

Italia 227

Freshman Member
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DNK - That explains it. Car was there (not yet completed), but I wasn't.


Luke Skywalker
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Congrats on a beautiful car. I saw #52 last year at BSC in SLO; great car and great shop.
I've only seen one other Italia, at Triumphest a few years back; silver with red interior.
Enjoy in good health.


Luke Skywalker
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Truly great car Scott, deserving of the lengthy restoration. Best design Michelotti did, in my opinion, or perhaps that's the influence of Vignale, the builder. There are quite a few rare pieces of automotive history out there but very few that are as historically significant, rare, and most importantly beautiful as the Italia. Congratulations.
Anybody interested in a sister? Needs cosmetics. I'd go for it but I look ridiculous in an ascot.


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The more I see these the more I think that is a really classy looking car, would love to have one. I saw one on a trailer probably 25 years ago or so, at first I though it was some kind of TR4 with a hardtop, was just pulling out a local gas station in Lincoln, NE, always wondered where the car was headed, don't remember the color, but it looked like a very nice restoration candidate, I guess you would call it a nice "barn find" car these days.


Jedi Warrior
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B-E-A-utiful. Stunnning. I normally prefer painted wire wheels but, the chrome look outstanding on your car. Also, I just love the egg crate grill with the driving lights behind.
You should be proud. And thanks for returning this one to it former glory!



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I, on the other hand, would look ridiculous in a full body cast and/or divorce court.

Absolutely, I suppose I could afford it with a bit of a stretch, but I couldn't afford the inevitable division of assets and income that would follow....
Italia 227

Italia 227

Freshman Member
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TomMull - Car to which you linked has been kicked around (probably literally) for awhile. I hope someone saves it, but it'll been an enormous project. Been there, spent that.

Geo Hahn - Italias are pretty tight inside; no clever TR3 elbow-placement-nodules. A body cast would be an issue, but I can think of no better transport to divorce court.

RJS - The chrome wires are great, except when it comes time to detail. As you may know from pics of other Italias, the grill is non-original spec. Grill on my car was beyond salvaging (it's a pot metal pressed piece), so I cribbed proportions from several late-50's Ferraris and had this piece waterjet cut from stainless (pre-dated laser cutting). Doesn't have depth of a true eggcrate, but still looks pretty good. Driving lights are period, and at least make pics of my car recognizable.

tdskip - We never intended this to be a Concours restoration, but it got away from us. Since completion in 2012, car has been to a couple of Concours each year, once taking 2nd in Class to a 1947 Ferrari 166 Spyder Corsa (oldest known Ferrari in existence); how fair is that ?

Have also taken the car on two vintage rallies. If you follow BAT, you may have seen pics of the car on the 2013 Monte Shelton Northwest Classic Rally (Portland, OR). I'll be driving the car more next year, and need to get past fear-of-stone-chips. My spouse periodically asks "When does it no longer need to be licked clean by kittens?"


Country flag
"When does it no longer need to be licked clean by kittens

Tell her when that stops, it will go to the dogs.
Welcome to the BCF.
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