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1961 BT7 engine oil

Legal Bill

Jedi Knight
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For those who want to try 10w30, here are some suggested titles for future posts:

1. Broken oil pressure gauge?
2. Is 0 oil pressure at idle ok an a hot day?
3. Best oil pumps to increase pressure?
4. My oil leaks are much worse.
5. I hear a rap!
6. Where do you buy your engine parts?


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From a definition of what 5W-20 means. Winter "Degrees Celsius"

Motor Oil Viscosity Rankings

Viscosity ratings for commonly used motor oils typically range from 0 to 50. With multi-viscosity oils, a “W” after the number stands for “winter” grade oil. The numeric value of the first number (for example, the “5” in 5W-20) is a measure of the pour point of the oil expressed in,,,, "degrees Celsius", when the oil is cold. The rating is determined in a lab using a cold crank simulator and mini-rotary viscometer test. The oil weight is its viscosity index at 100 degrees C (the boiling point of water).


Luke Skywalker
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^^^ yup, pretty much what has been said prior....use what you like....my only comment would be all of the manufacturers have passed on and the oils we use today were not their oils. Oil threads pretty much always turn out the same.


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3000 MKSI and MKSII. The manual says 10W-30 and 20W-30. At the bottom Duckham's Q-5500 which is 20W-30. The foot note, Approval is given to Duckham's 20-50. I understand in certain circumstance's the 20W-50 can be used, maybe in hot weather or racing conditions, but using 20W-30 for everyday driving isn't going to blow up your engine.



John Turney

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Looks like the Driver’s Manual and the Workshop Manual disagree. The Workshop Manual says 20W-50. That’s where I, and others, base our opinions.

Legal Bill

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Kodpkd, do it!! Run 10-30 in the summer. Teach us all a lesson.

Meanwhile, by the time they published the 3000 MKIII handbook they provided breakdowns for three climate conditions. For temps above 41 degrees F 20-50 seems to be right.


Jedi Knight
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You might to have a look at some of the other oil threads on the site - check 'Modern Oils for our Flat Tappet Engines' for example. Check the Castrol recommendation regards their product in this thread. Doug
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