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TR2/3/3A 1960 TR3 photos


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Can anyone point to good, high quality, detailed pictures of a 1960 Tr3A? Looking for all areas of the car.

Looking to improve a driver to a concours car, for a good friend.

Thanks in advance.

Geo Hahn

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... pictures of a 1960 Tr3A? ...Looking to improve a driver to a concours car, for a good friend.

You may also find the TRA Judging Guide helpful if you do not already have it. Available to download several places on the web.

You say the car is a 1960 but you will also want to note or keep in mind the commission number as you determine what is correct as many cars were registered with a later year than date of manufacture. Significant changes occurred at TS50000 and again at TS60000.


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I would second the recommendation to use the TRA Restoration Guide. It will give you many details that are easily overlooked. Things like the color of various components under the hood. The correct fasteners and washers to use in various places such as on the interior door panels. The guide is what I used to bring my TR3B up to a concours standard. And it worked well.

Is the trunk lid stock for that year? The cross bar under the lid looks out of place for the 3A.


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Looks the same as my 60.......



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Very nice. So many things that normally catch an enthusiasts knowledgeable eye right away (the few exceptions as noted) are correct. Nice job.


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Hello John

The photos are great.

I am starting out on a rebuild a TR3 that was taken apart by someone else about 20 years ago. Your photos have answered several questions I had about parts. The spring arrangement on the hood/bonnet stay was one part that I was puzzled by.

I will be referring back to these photos from time to time during my rebuild.

Thank you.


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Digital cameras...what a boone to restorations. I remember I used to do restorations one assembly at a time. I had to pull off a part and rebuild it right then, or I'd forget what it looked like. Now, for a $20 memory chip that's smaller than a dime you can photo document every nebulous detail. And, if you forget to take a pic, there is someone available on our forum who did!


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John, Well, thank you very much! Those are great pictures and do show many details I was looking for. Thank you so much. Now I need to decide if I really want to take this car to such a high level.

Yours looks great and an outstanding job in all areas. Thanks again, and it looks like others appreciate your efforts as well!

By the way, here's the car I am thinking about "improving". Haven't gotten any underbody shots yet, but will next week. Looks all straight and mostly clean, if not pretty and shiny , at least on casual inspection from above.


What do ya'll think about this one? To me, it seems in better than "good" condition, even "concours" in motor detailing, with need of a good detailing everywhere. Top(soft) and side curtains good, getting cleaned.
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Nice starting point! It's got something different going on with the battery cables. I'd be interested in seeing where inside the firewall the cable is going...


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There is a battery cut off switch above the pedals.


Darth Vader
Great pictures John! I have sent you a PM.

Cheers, Dick
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