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TR2/3/3A 1957 TR3/ Minor detail questions Part THREE


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Moving on. The throttle cross shaft: Body color or black.
Bonnet prop rod: Although Piggot says body color, mine is black (Original Old English White car) and I have no reason to believe it is not the original prop rod. Those control box and solenoid mounting screws someone posted the line drawing of: plated or black? I would really like to see a pre-60000 properly detailed engine compartment photo. Piggot's pics usually have something "not correct"


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Here are three pics I've taken of cars at different shows. Perhaps they will help. No guarantee of originality. Cheers, Mike




Don Elliott

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The throttle cross rod behind the engine on my black 1958 TR3A was black when new. It was (and is) body colour and black too. See photo you asked for from TS 27489 LO taken in 2007 when I was awarded 2nd in the "early TR3A class" at the VTR concours with 382 points out of 400.


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Jedi Warrior
Those mounting screws had a dull silver plated finish.

Bonnet stays were red on the three Signal Red cars I've owned.

I've seen black stays, but suspected black was convenient when the stay missed getting painted with the body. No surprise though if the factory fitted black stays from time to time, thus saving the need to paint them in the various body colours.

Our RHD car's throttle cross shaft cranked around in front of the clutch and brake pedals, and it was black, like the pedals.


Don Elliott

Obi Wan
bnw & DON - The car had just been re-sprayed but the interior and the chrome front bumpers and bumperettes plus the stone guards were like new in 1990 when I finished my full body-off restoration. By 2007, these parts had a few sandy chips on them to take a bit of the shine off the surfaces. The patina on the interior must have lost me a few of those points having been driven over 94,000 miles between 1990 and 2007. I also seem to remember losing a point because the judges saw smudges of fingerprints on the 18 year old vinyl windows of the ragtop.


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Great Pumpkin
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So it's not true what they say about you checking out the judges wife?
Dang I thought you were a rogue!
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