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1954 BN1 Wiper Wheelbox and Rack


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I figured that this may help others like myself who might initially be intimidated by taking the whole wiper mechanism apart. Mine was original, and completely jammed up with old grease, and corrosion on the motor spindle. It's simple to take apart and clean up, just be careful about those roller bearings on each side of the transfer case housing. After a lot of Blaster, alcohol and acetone with some brushing I got all of the old grease off. A brass wirebrush cleaned it up nicely and the photos in the link below ... I hope you can access it, cause I'm IT challenged ... show before, during after shots with all of the parts laid out. A good COVID-19 quarantine benchtop project. I still need one of the clamps that hold a casing to the first wheelbox, maybe one of you has that sitting around ??? :rolleye: Stay safe, be well, a video will follow when I install it with the motor.


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My dad tore our BN2's wiper drive down and cleaned it out, but he put the top of the drive box on 180deg out. Forgot exactly what they did, but the wipers did not do what you want them to do.


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I did the same thing during my engine rebuild and didn't discover until long after the re-install with the wiring in place etc. Park was over on the left.

Working under the dash, I was able to loosen two of the three screws clamping the top canister and rotated it in place in the car until I got the park position correct. Then I put index marks with a sharpie in case I forget and mess with it again.

Lesson: ascertain park position on bench!


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Steve and Bob, thanks for chiming in, I will check that before final mounting.
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