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100-Six Side Curtains


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I have a 1958 BN4, VIN is 3056BT7E12170, Chassis number is 7L-12120. I know this VIN identifies it as a BT7, but the registration says it's a 1958 when BT7s were not yet built. So sometimes I have a guessing game on which parts to buy (BN4 (early or late BN4) or BT7). My latest quest is for side curtains (I have none at the moment). How do I tell the difference between the Moss Motors curtains for "BN4 thru CE 47703" vs "BN4 from CE 47704 thru BT7"? Specifically, how does the design of the side curtain differ between "early BN4" and "later BN4"? Thanks!

> 259-212 SIDECURTAIN SET | Moss Motors <
> 259-208 SIDECURTAIN SET | Moss Motors <

John Turney

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The Moss curtains for BN4 thru CE 47703 are not correct. They should look like:

The later version is better for you. On the later version, the rear bracket is the flat one, and the seam between the the two window halves slants backward, parallel to the windshield post, instead of forward, like the one above. Also, the securing nuts are two-winged and the same front and rear, instead of one wing on the rear and four wings on the front.

My BN4 is 34XXX, so is a Longbridge model.
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John, that is the nicest set of Longbridge side curtains that I’ve ever seen!
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đź‘Ťwell done
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John, where did the Perspex come from, if I may ask?
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