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100-4 oil capacity

Arch 93

Senior Member
The owner's manual for the 100-4 lists "sump capacity" and "filter capacity" as separate line items. If you add the 2 together the sum is about 7.75 quarts. If the filter capacity is included with the sump capacity, then it's about 7 quarts. Anybody know which is correct?

Thanks for the help.


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G'day Arch 93,
On page D/6 of my 100 Service Manual the capacity is given in Imperial pints: 11.75 pints in the oil sump & 1.25pints in the filter, making a total of 13 pints. In the Owners handbook that I have (a recent reprint) on page 6 the capacities are the same except that the U.S. equivalants are provided: Sump 14.11 pints; filter 1.5 pints. We have had the metric system for so long in Australia that I have almost forgotten what a quart is! Two pints isn't it? Perhaps the conversion to U.S. measurements led to some loss in translation?
When changing my oil I just fill to the 'full' mark on the dipstick, start the engine and run it for a less than a minute, shut down, then check the level & top up.
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