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  1. dec20-12.jpg


    New colour - Royal Blue - at last
  2. Sopwith_Camel

    MGB-GT lick of paint 1 2 3

    how many liters of paint dose it take to cover a mgb gt, doorjams inculded? thanks
  3. B

    Returning member- Bugeyeblue

    Hello again, we have moved to the Wilmington NC area and now I am in the middle of a more aggressive restore of 1958 AH bugeye. It runs and starts well, drum brakes are a pain, but it stops, rust is being addressed with "to the metal paint removal", now the speedometer never worked, ditto...
  4. M

    Modern Paint Code Needed for Honolulu Blue

    Hi folks, Does anyone have a paint code from any of the modern paint suppliers (preferably PPG) to match the Austin Healey (British Motor Corps. 1964-67) Honolulu Blue? The original code is BU 42, but I've found BLBU 42 and Ditzler 12961. Thanks in advance, Marissa M.
  5. JimLaney

    How to treat media blasted steel

    Cleaned my engine back plate with media blaster to remove surface rust. I want to mount it on the assembled block and paint it but I don't want flash rust so I coated it with light oil. Is there a standard method to dealing with the problem of flash rust after cleanup?
  6. JimLaney

    Media blasting engine parts - How to clean?

    Before I ruin my engine under reconstruction, how do I clean the engine parts well enough to repaint without leaving media/grit in hidden places? The engine has been waiting assembly for 15 years in someone else's garage with tape over the mating surfaces of the head and the block. I would like...
  7. B

    MGB Looking for a good paint/body shop

    Around twenty years ago I did a body off restoration on my '74 MGB (which I purchased new), using lacquer paint (harvest gold). For some reason the paint on only the driver's side started crazing, cracking and peeling in the last 5 or 6 years. I believe I didn't prime it correctly. I am...
  8. B

    TR6 Painting a '74 TR6

    Hello I live in the Boston area and have a '74 TR6. It needs a paint job - can anyone suggest a shop that is local that does this kind of work? Thank you!!
  9. T

    TR2/3/3A TR3 Oil Pan Paint?

    Can someone tell me what if any color paint was original to the TR3/3A oil pans? Black, same as the block? Regards, Walter