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  1. Ripper01

    For Sale Sold-TR6 Differential

    Used Differential from a 1969 TR6. Good condition. As is. Price plus shipping or pick up in central Texas. $500
  2. skystryd

    Trans and Diff

    Simple tasks no doubt. Except for several answers with each being slightly different. Trans: drain bottom...fill passenger side. visible from engine bay but reachable? 1500's not fillable from the cockpit passenger side under carpet. only from under. square plug...size? Tips? 1500's use...
  3. C

    For Sale TR-6 Drivetrain Parts

    Removed from 1974 (July construct) TR-6 damaged (firewall/scuttle/dash) from engine compartment fire in 2018 due to fuel leak: Engine, Trans, driveshaft, differential, half-shafts, rear drums/shoes, all 4 springs, front rotors, rear lever shocks, etc. Car had 67,946 miles when sidelined...
  4. J

    TR2/3/3A Differential Side Gear Backlash

    I need some advice on setting the differential side gear backlash. With the original thrust washers the backlash measures around 10-12 mils. The service manual does not list a spec, but this seems a bit high to me. So I ordered replacement planet gear thrust washers with minimum thickness...
  5. J

    TR2/3/3A Differential Rebuild - Gear Markings

    I'm currently rebuilding the differential on my 3A. Never done one of these, and would appreciate some help interpreting the gear markings. This is the first cut with original shims and exact Timken replacement bearings except for the pinion head (used a 3188 instead of a 3188s). Pinion...
  6. M

    New member - TR6

    Hi - Dan from Virginia. Glad there is a web site like this. I've used it plenty of times, and finally subscribed! Just finished a rebuild on the '73 TR6. Last year's efforts included fixing all of the frame cracks and replacing the trailing arm boxes, finishing with a nice coating of POR15. I...
  7. T

    TR4/4A Replacing Drive Train Seals

    We're continuing our rejuvenation efforts on the 1966 TR4A. Overall it is in decent shape for a 50 year old car with 70,000+ miles. I am debating (or arguing) with myself if I should replace some key seals in the drivetrain. Specifically I am looking at the transmission input shaft and output...
  8. C

    TR4/4A Diff gear wear

    Before my question, here's my sad story. I've owned my 4A since about 1976. It was in bad shape when I bought it, so I started a full body off restoration around 1980. One wife, two kids and 32 years later I finally started making some progress...
  9. Talon

    TR2/3/3A Northern Cal Differential Repair?

    I am just starting to really get into the glorious and frustrating business of personally maintaining the 1959 TR-3A I've had for 10 years. It has always run well and I've had precious little reason to work on it. No longer: the differential is apparently shot. I can do basic mechanical...
  10. Talon

    New Member from Northern California

    Hello. As the title says I am new here, and also new to the "forum" thing, so am a bit confused right now. I'll pick it up soon, though. I am just starting to really get into the glorious and frustrating business of personally maintaining the 1959 TR-3A I've had for 10 years. It has always...