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  1. F

    Spitfire No output from coil HELP!! 1972 Spitfire 1.3L Accusspark

    My accuspark coil reads fine on mulimeter power is getting to the coil okay. there is no discharge from the HT lead. No spark at the spark plugs, spark from the HT Lead when ignition is turned on (one spark), No spark during cranking, then sometimes an odd spark when ignition key released into...
  2. S

    Wedge Need help with TR8 no spark

    Oh LBC gurus -- help please, as this one has me baffled! '80 TR8 dual Stromberg car that when I got it had spark, bad fuel pump and dying starter. Would run on starting fluid. I put in a new fuel pump and starter and now has no spark. Figuring I toasted the Lucas Opus distributor, I just...
  3. J

    TR6 TR6 died/ won't start

    2 weeks ago I had been driving my 1974 TR6 for about 70 miles and it died out shortly after leaving a stop light, about a mile from my house. The car just died out with no warning, and was not running rough or showing any other signs. I checked the fuel and the spark and discovered the fuel was...
  4. 2billydavies

    TR2/3/3A dead battery... until i disconnect the wire from coil to distributor

    hi everyone. happy holidays & happy New Year! Ran into something yesterday that I don't quite understand. Maybe someone here can throw some ideas at me. My car is running GREAT since the rebuild and the timing issues you all helped with. Fired her up yesterday, ran to the store. Came...
  5. A

    TR2/3/3A Correct Coil for petronix ignition tr3A

    Hello all, I have made it to the point in my rebuild of installing my new petronix Positive ground ignition, at the same time I ordered the ignition I got the petronix flamethrower coil. I am questioning now whether that is the correct Ohmage coil to use with the ignition. Petronix paperwork...