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    BT7 distibutor

    putting my diz back together and i can't figure out how that little clip goes in at the adjuster nut for the vacuum. can someone explain where it goes? IMG_0264.jpg
    Clip in the middle


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    Re: BT7 distibutor

    It goes in the gap between the knurled wheel and distributor body. It provides a click adjustment when you turn the wheel. The prongs on either end of the clip grip the edges of the distributor body. The point in the middle bears on the grooves of the wheel.

    You should also have a little retaining "c" clip to go in the circumferential groove on the outer end of the threaded shaft.
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    Re: BT7 distibutor

    you know i thought that is how it had to go. mine must be bent because it did not hit the wheel.

    i do have the c clip for the end. it was a pain to get off. i can't see crap anymore.....

    Thanks for the info.


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