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way cool credits


Obi Wan
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Lately I've been daydreaming of building a ralleyed-out FIAT 124 Sport Coupe.

While Googling around for 124 stuff I found this wonderful little opening for some Euro movie that I assume never made it over here.


Mickey Richaud

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Always liked the 124. Janet's parents had a '74 sedan way back when. A late '60's, early 70's coupe would be a nice daily driver.


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I had a 124 Fiat sedan. Bought it new and sold it after 28,000 miles. Not a dependable car.


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Fun - love the other cars also!


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Obi Wan
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Following the BaT listing back to its Craigslist ad, it says the car came from California and the Massachusetts owner brought it east and garaged it for an extended restoration. Still has a Cal license plate. So, much less rust than you'd normally see.

I hope somebody picks it up for a project. It would be sweet when it's finished.
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