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TR2/3/3A Tr3 heater conversion


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The core on my oem heater has burst and I am considering putting in an upgraded version as the original was not very effective. There are a number of options out there from installing one from an early spitfire, to what appears to be a nice kit from Macy's at a reasonable price. Does anyone have experience with the Macy's kit? Does it generate significantly more heat than the original? Are there any other options that are worth considering.



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On another forum I am on this topic has come up. There is high praise for the Macy kit. For the install and heating outpu.


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If everything else on the heater is good you can get a modern heater core. I got my one from the UK.
It works great.

Moss sell the core but it is way cheaper from the UK.

New heater core close up.jpg
Close up of core.jpg


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David. Thanks for the info reg the replacement heater core. I will check into it. Responses reg Macy's kit have been v positive so may go that route.

Geo Hahn

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I went with a unit from Maradyne, basically a truck heater:

Heater Box.jpg

To fit it I made a cardboard mock-up:


Had to rotate the core 180° to have the pipes present rearward. Sweated on some elbows and added barbed connections:


Seemed to produce a lot of heat though I didn't live in the frozen far north.


It had defroster ports (those round plugs) but I did not use them as I typically drove top-down even in snow & cold so mainly wanted footwell warmth.



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I followed Geo's lead and installed the Maradyne heater in my TR3. I got mine at a very reasonable price. It does require some rework as Geo shows. With soft top and side curtains on it will very quickly warm up the inside of the car at only the #2 switch speed setting. At the #3 setting it really pours out the warmth. I also did not install the defroster pipes. It warms the inside of the car quickly and I found no need to use the defroster. Being from Raleigh, NC the weather gets quite cold, but not terribly cold.
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