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Sprite/ Midget rear end


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Anyone have a good idea of the torque (ft. lbs) for the rear differential flange pinion nut? I understand the idea of pre loading the bearing, but once its in the car with axles installed it seems impossible to set. Any good rule of thumb torque? I know the Big Healey manuel states no more then 140 ft. lbs. Thank you, Shawn


You need to make up a tool to bolt to your pinion flange to hold it. I used a 1/2 by 1 1/2 flat drilled to fit 2 holes and ground out in the middle to clear the socket you are using to tighten.


Great Pumpkin
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Noop, was designed for that load.


Geeez, I went to all the trouble of looking up and copying "MG special tools"!! Oh well, its handy.


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Make sure you check preload of the pinion bearings as it approaches required torque.


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It is impossible to do while in the car with the axles in, right? From my understanding you measue the resistance it takes to turn it. With the axles in you couldn't get a true measurement.


mmotors said:
Actually I just put on the E-brake.

Don't do it !!!! I tried it that way and the flange started turning but the axles didn't budge. I could feel "something" start to twist, you know, that strange feel a bolt gives you just before the head shears off. I had both axles out and they looked o.k. I might have a bit of twist on the pinion. It definatly started to give somewhere. I made almost a full 1/2 turn and none of it was slack. Bigger cars, yes you can do it, on these I wouldn't.
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