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Spin-On Oil Filters for Cars with a Brake Servo



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I have a BJ8 with Brake Servo. There have been previous posts on the spin-on oil filter topic but the suggestions are usually for cars without brake servos which can accommodate much longer filters. There is about a maximum length of 85mm for cars with servos to allow enough space to fit the filter. I'm after suggestions for a large diameter filter with non-return valve and bi-pass valve that is just less than 85mm in length to maximise filtration and flow. Any suggestions? What are other owners using?
Cheers, Richard


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I have the disk-type adapters on both my BN2 and BJ8. When I bought the BJ8's adapter many years ago, the recommended filter was a Fram PH3600. Fram filters, well, let's just say they don't have the greatest rep. I've found Wix filters to be good filters and reasonably priced--you can get a case on eBay for around $65--and they will just fit between the BJ8's block and (stock) servo. The Wix# is 51516, and there is an 'XP' if you want to spend more money.


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Not sure where your information comes from, but I use either the Mobil 1 209 or the K&N HP-2009 spin-on oil filters on our 1967 BJ8 with an original Girling brake servo.

They are 4.75-inches (121 mm) and 5-inches (with end nut) (127mm) respectively and both can be installed and removed easily. A little tight, but not a problem.

Regards, Bill
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