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Shroud Painting ["Finally done with these"]


Darth Vader
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Finally done painting these parts. The two shrouds were a problem. The catalyst for the paint caused it to wrinkle in spots. After I sanded it down again, it wrinkled in the same spots. Finally threw away the quart container of catalyst and sanded back down to bare metal/primer. That took 4 hours per shroud because the paint was gummy. Then applied a coat of sealer and two coats of high-build primer in case I destroyed the flat and curves. Another 1.5 hours sanding per shroud and basecoat/clearcoat.

Wait for a few days and sand and polish!

Painting is not my favorite job, but I like it when it comes out well.



  • 20210421_082614_resize_82.jpg
    240.9 KB · Views: 103
  • 20210421_082603_resize_3.jpg
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  • 20210421_082550_resize_51.jpg
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  • 20210420_134329_resize_23.jpg
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I just finished the repairs and repainting on # 414 after being hit during a race two years ago.


  • Rear Shroud Repaint 21.jpg
    Rear Shroud Repaint 21.jpg
    193 KB · Views: 96
  • Rear Fenders & Boot Lid Repaint 21-2.jpg
    Rear Fenders & Boot Lid Repaint 21-2.jpg
    152.5 KB · Views: 99
  • Rear Fenders & Boot lid Repaint 21.jpg
    Rear Fenders & Boot lid Repaint 21.jpg
    183.3 KB · Views: 98
  • '57 414 rear damage.jpg
    '57 414 rear damage.jpg
    620.6 KB · Views: 97
  • Rear Shroud:Fender Repair 2.jpg
    Rear Shroud:Fender Repair 2.jpg
    418.9 KB · Views: 103
  • Rear Shroud:Fender Repair 1.jpg
    Rear Shroud:Fender Repair 1.jpg
    453 KB · Views: 99


Darth Vader
Country flag
Did you have to get a new right rear fender? That is a big dent!
I painted the inside of my body parts first with single stage, then used basecoat/clearcoat for the outside. Your method requires much less taping!

I just wish I had a paint booth. I use a 20 x 30 tent with filters and fans at both ends. Works ok, but bugs still get in sometimes.
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