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Refresh my memory...


When installing rod caps, the bearing tangs should be on opposite sides... right?


I can't remeber but I never did pay attention cause I was too busy makin' sure the rod cap and numbers lined up. :wink:

If in doubt, ask them and they'll tell you. ( I'm not kidding.) Look for tab marks on the opposite end and yes, I think they go opposite each other, but the number marks are most important. If you didn't mark them, they should have factory marks ( mine did.)


Jedi Trainee
Look at the rod cap and the body. There is usually a mark where the tang sets. On 1275 rods, the tangs are on the same side of the bore. The rod contours/shapes should also match up one way and not the other.


Spridget64SC said:
The rod contours/shapes should also match up one way and not the other.

IIRC, the 1500 doesn't match either way, at least mine didn't, but I could be wrong.


Great Pumpkin
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See if haveing the numbers on the same side dosn't do the trick.


Generally the tangs both go on the same side but the 1500 is a strange beast and I won't say anything definitively about it.
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