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Wanted Q: Small Boot, Small Spare Tire? And, Jack needed.


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Hi All,

I am taking delivery of a 1980 MGB that will arrive without a Jack or Spare tire. This has me wondering if anyone is using one of those 'small' spare tires as their backup in place of a full sized spare, and if so what size works for an '80 MGB? And I need a jack. Does anyone have one they want to get rid of, or is that something that needs to meet factory specs?

Thanks in advance: Any advise is appreciated.


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Thanks Steve, I have ordered a new scissors lift, and I keep essential tools in my Dad's WWII gas mask bag (Navy, Sea Bees). Not yet decided to pick up a small spare or just get two more cans of Fix-A-Flat and keep my 300psi flat inflator handy.
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