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TR2/3/3A Door check bracket?


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My driver's side door check doesn't work. So I'm always paranoid about a stiff wind pulling it out of my hand a denting the bodywork by folding it back against the front fender.

The check itself is fine, but the little bracket that the holds the arm with the pin through it is mangled beyond repair.

Somewhere along the line the door got pulled so hard it literally tore the pin out of the two small holes in that bracket. I know from long ago experience a semi running past you at speed, while you're on the side of the road with the door and side screen ajar, can do that.

I've found the checks available from TRF and Moss, but they don't come with the brackets that go on the A pillar and I can't even find a listing for that odd little part. It's not terribly complex and in a pinch, I can probably fabricate one is I need to.

Just wondered if the part has a name (door check bracket?) or if any of you know if they are available?


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The bracket on the "A" pillar is welded in...I haven't seen it listed separately.


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Hi Don,

Is it possible to post a picture. The PO of my 1960 just welded a couple of washers in to repair a torn out bracket. Works fine on my car.



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Looks like they were only supplied as part of the 'A' post. TRF has the entire post available, even on sale according to the web site. Lots easier and cheaper to make a repair piece though, IMO.


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I wound up fabricating one. It's spot welded on from the front of the "A" pillar and sticks though a hole. I did it when i was restoring the body, so the wings, et al. were off, so access was easy. After drilling the spot welds and removing the piece, I used paper to make a template and then cut it out. I'm pretty sure I used of piece of steel from an electrical conduit box.



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I did something like martx-5 but I removed the damaged one from the car by drilling out the spot welds. I then flattened it out so I could make a pattern. Then I made a new one, bent it around a piece of metal, drilled a hole and re-welded it in its original position. All this was done during restoration. Your other choice is to make a new section and weld it to whats left of the original still on the car.


Marvin Gruber

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Make a longer door check strap, install it and put bolt down through it on the A post side. Later when you can weld in a correct one.



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Thanks guys. I kind of figured there was no easy part to order, ... but it's always worth checking. You never know what some sharp person will figure out in their garage to solve a shared problem. That's a big part of what makes these old cars so much fun.

I was thinking about either a fabricated version I can spot weld on, similar to the one martx-5 made, or seeing if one from a Chevy or Mopar can be modified to fit. I saw some listed on E-Bay that look the same but they don't have dimensions listed.

But there's always some 22 or 24 gauge steel, some time with my air nibbler, maybe a washer for reinforcement tacked on and a session with my drill press to see what I can come up with.

Thanks again guys.
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