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TR2/3/3A Carb balance woes


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I have a TR2 with a high port engine and SU H6 carbs which have just been refurbed.

Having started and driven well, my friend and I were trying to balance them. All was going well until the car spluttered to a stall and then wouldn't restart. It nearly catches but splutters to a stall. I have even had a backfire!

Power and spark is good, fuel supply is good. We are at a loss, so any advice gratefully received.


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I would start with a visual of the butterflies opening and closing fully in sync,and check that pistons are free and pass the drop test with a click test.
Then check fuel level by observing height in jet,which should be slightly below jet top.


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Gross jets are not working,Check the float levels.What is the fuel pressure(electric?)
When the float levels are good , remove the piston/pot assy and look down at the
jet bridge. the fuel level is visible and should be 2mm less than topping over. Both
the same naturally. re-install the pot assy and fire it up.
Mad dog


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If you have flooding, then check that fuel pressure is not above 3 psi, and then look inside the carb throats and ensure the fuel level is not running down the intake into the engine. Set the floats as Mad Dog suggests.
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