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Bugeye might be available - value question


A guy named Terry just stopped by to admire my Sprite and we got to talking. He has a red 1960 Bugeye that's been in his garage for about the past ten years.

He said he's considering selling it, doesn't really know what its worth.

He said there's a bit of rust and it had a bad motor when he got it so he put in a 1098. Doesn't know if its a 10cc or a 10cg.

Considering this is the Pacific Northwest and little cars can be had cheap here and this is still a pretty bad time to sell a car... What should Terry expect to get for his car?

I know, depends on a lot of things, there is some rust so there's likely more than he knows about and it doesn't have the original motor. It hasn't moved about in a decade so it may need a lot of work.

Of course I'd like to have it if the price was right... but I don't think he would go for the kind of money I could scrounge up.


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I bought mine a little over a year ago, but the body and bonnet had been stripped and painted OEW for $4000. There were a lot of parts missing and the engine was a 1275 and the trans was a smooth case. I would say $1500 on the low end and $3000 on the high end. Based on my experience, the initial vehicle cost for a full restoration is not that significant in the total cost of the project.
Scott in CA


Hi Rick,

You have a PM regarding the Bugeye.

Thanx, Russ


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The Auto Jumble is held in Portand at Montgomery Park on the last Sunday of April sponsored by the local MG "T" club.


Here's one that just came up on Craigslist.
Wonder if this is the guy - it's got a 1098 and its red.
He said his name was Terry, this guys email is drew@...




I emailed him, he says he isn't the guy who stopped by my house on Sunday.
So I guess there's two red 1960 Bugeye's with a 1098 around here.
Go figure!


I don't think so Ed, he is always on Craigslist buying and selling cars.
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