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2500M Inner Fenders - are they the same as a Vixen 2500? (Also Tire Size)


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I've got a '74 2500M I'm doing the body and paint on, and the car needs inner fenders.

I have access to a pair of 1971 Vixen 2500 inner fenders. Could I make a mold from these, and make a set to use for the 2500M?

I would guess, since the chassis are quite similar (the Vixen 2500 has the 90" wheelbase, and the square tube outriggers) that the inner fenders would be very similar, perhaps identical.

Any practical experience would be greatly appreciated.


PS> I also have a set of 5 spoke, 16" Revolution Wheels (they are about 6 1/2" wide. Can I fit a set of 205/55/16" wheels in the fenderwells? I note the 2500Ms come with 14" wheels....


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Thanks…. Let me know, i’d much not rather find out that they wouldn’t fit after I made a set!

Appreciate the insight.

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