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1275 Race Clutch


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New to vintage racing with 1275 Midget. Motor 11:1 CR, 45DCOE, Header,296 scattercam. I blew up the clutch which was a stock Borg and Beck, so I'm clutch hunting. I am not going to go Tilton at this point, only other race type I have found is a Stage 4 Spec. Spec can also do a stage 2 which is the stage 1 with a better lining of kevlar. Minimania has a performance clutch but no idea of what makes it better. Looking for suggestions as to what to get.


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I bought a stage 2 Spec clutch. I couldn't find even a AP available and I fear a aftermarket stock replacement would not be as strong as stock. I'm not sure I'm up to handling a real race clutch at this point so I passed on the staege4 Spec.


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Local company with a great reputation for reliable products. I put one of their clutches in my 2001 Boxster S, smooth as silk. I hope it works for you.


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Look at the options on Mini Spares in England also. They have a lot of choices and supply parts to minimania


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Got everything back together. Found that a PO had ported the intakes into the pushrod hole and the filled the hole with epoxy/JB Weld, looks like some sleeves will be need for that. Fortunately I have 2 extra 12G940 raw heads, one is a later pollution control one. Having an issue with tranny mount, have all the bolts in except the bottom ones. The only long bolts I have left are about 3" long 3/8NF and they won't start so I guess my next move is to take out the side mount bolts and to let the assembly float around a bit to try to get the bottom ones in. A 5/16 NC felt like it wanted to start. Suggestions?

Found it much easier to get the assembly back in than I expected. I could get the drive shaft lined up well thru the shifter hole then jacking up the tranny a bit to improve the alignment. The LSD made the driveshaft turn easily and it slipped right on. The Speedwell solid motor mounts took a bit to get lined up, but much easier than a stock one unless the base is slotted.
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