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thrust washer

  1. J

    TR2/3/3A Differential Side Gear Backlash

    I need some advice on setting the differential side gear backlash. With the original thrust washers the backlash measures around 10-12 mils. The service manual does not list a spec, but this seems a bit high to me. So I ordered replacement planet gear thrust washers with minimum thickness...
  2. J

    TR2/3/3A TR3A 3-Synchro Gearbox Rebuild

    Hi All, I'm a new member that is neck deep in the restoration of my late father's 1959 TR3A. Currently I'm working on rebuilding the 3-synchro gearbox, and am hoping to get some advice (mostly on acceptable wear) due to the fact that this is my first transmission rebuild. I would like to...
  3. Simmo

    MGB 45D Distributor Parts

    Today I pulled the distributor apart and found that the Nylon stepped washer inside the housing, at the bottom, is ruined. I cant find such a replacement anywhere on the web. Does anybody have any suggestions as an alternative?