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new member

  1. T

    Thierry, just bought a 69 midget with oil leak.

    To introduce myself: I am living in southern PA,USA, near the Maryland border.I am 63 years old and retired. I sold my 73 citroen truckette a couple of years ago, and bought a midget 1275cc, 1969. So, I have 2 more cylinders to deal with. Anyway, oil leak at the crankshaft bearing (rear), from...
  2. S

    New Member in Austin, TX!

    Hi all - I am a VERY new member of the British Classic Car forum and also a very new/recent owner. My grandfather passed away last summer and growing up he and I restored a 1966 Austin Healey 3000 together (he did most of the work since I was a kiddo). He left the Healey to me and I want to...
  3. M

    MGB New Member

    Guess I should have posted this first, then ask my question. Hello, I'm Joe New from Western Pennsylvania. I have 2 MGB's. A 1964 roadster and a 1967 GT.
  4. C


    Hi - I’m from the UK and I have a BT7 Tri Carb - I use the forums to research potential answers to problems that others have experienced so thanks to you all for your contributions to my knowledge base I hope I can repay in time
  5. S

    New Member Intro - Steve Kirby

    Hello All British car fans, I am happy to be joining the forum. I currently own the following British Cars: 1958 Jaguar XK150 OTS, 1965 Jaguar Mark X 4.2, 1967 Austin Healey 3000 (BJ8), 1974 Jensen Healey, all of these fully restored. In process: 1954 Swallow Doretti (look it up). Waiting...
  6. G


    Clay Scott here from Macon Ga. I own a 69 Austin Healey Sprite, BRG with tan convertible top. Anyone in here in the middle Ga area?
  7. R

    TR3 Restoration

    Hi, Glad to have the forum as a resource. My son and I are doing frame off restoration of 1960 TR3. We are ready for assembly and paint. I'm also interested in putting my Rover/Buick V8 in the appropriate chassis and electrifying my 912. :chuncky:
  8. S

    Hello from Virginia Beach

    Hello to everyone! I am interested in buying a big Austin-Healey sometime his year. I'm looking for a nice driver, not looking to invest at the concours/collector level. I would appreciate any recommendations for a British auto mechanic/restoration shop in the upper NC to Richmond VA or...
  9. M

    New Member: former MGA owner

    Name is Mike but i’m Listed as MjS. Used to own a 1961 MGA 1600. It was my first purchased car in High School. I did a complete frame off restoration and added a fully balanced MGB engine. The car was painted then stripped once more in an attempt to bring it back to the official off white color...
  10. 7

    Hello all

    Just wanted to say hi
  11. V

    New Member. volkps from Pacific Northwest USA

    New to the site. Greetings to all
  12. D

    New member from CT

    I own a 67 Austin Healey MK III. I am hoping to be able to keep up to date with other Healey owner's issues and findings.
  13. K

    Hi all, new member here. Just bought 1966 TR4A IRS and am looking to lots of fun!!!

    Hi all, new member here. Just purchased a 1966 TR4A IRS and am looking to lots of fun with it. Great to be joining this forum.
  14. P

    Austin Healey BJ8 - Greetings from Miami, Florida

    New member, Basil send me an email to introduce myself. I am a retired Coast Guard JAG officer living in Coral Gables, Florida. After retiring for the second time last summer as a judge, I thought it was time to restore a BJ8 I bought in the early 90's. H-BJ8-L /41960 built according to...
  15. T

    New Member

    I'm a new member, American in Germany. Finished restoring a 1961 Tr3A body off, new frame. Have now started on a '57 TR3
  16. T

    New Member in Iowa

    Hello to all! This is my first post after joining the forum in October. My current primary British sports car interest is a 1966 TR4A. A friend bought it this fall and we are working our way through it to get it into safe and reliable running condition. We are doing a lot of basic work on...
  17. A

    new AH 3000 owner

    Hi All. I have wanted an Austin Healey ever since high school(Class of '66) and have finally purchased a 1960 BT7. Of course, I will have questions about maintance and products for the car. thanks...joe