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  1. A

    1965 AUSTIN TAXI

    im searching front seats for Austin taxi 1965. if someone is selling and ready to ship to italy, than inform me please.
  2. J

    For Sale Early 70s TR6 seats in new red vinyl, with new tracks, $500 OBO

    For sale, pair of early 70's TR6 seats with new tracks and new red TRF seat covers in vinyl. Need adjusting and tucking, and hog ringing (see pic). Thanks, John in VA Beach, VA jrbayer3(at)yahoo
  3. T

    TR4/4A Rear Seatback/Hoodstick [Top] cover install

    TR4 Rear Seatback/Hoodstick cover install I'm in the process of rescuing a 1962 Triumph TR4. I'm installing the interior trim (Moss Panel and Carpet Kits) but am not sure how the "Rear Sewn Seat Back" is installed. I've contacted Moss but they can't find any details as to how this rear seat...
  4. Z

    TR4/4A Tr4 Carpet Install and interior install

    I'm putting my Tr4 back together. I thought I'd share. add my .02 (posted on this and Triumph forum too) What I bought to put back in - Carpet Kit - loop grey from The Roadster factory - Synthetic Jute Cut padding kit from The Roadster Factory - Carpet install kit from The...
  5. R

    TR4/4A Where can I get Triumph Midnight Blue carpet?

    My 1966 TR4A has Royal Blue paint & Midnight Blue/White interior. I have found sources for matching replacement seat covers & trim but the closest carpet color I can find is Shadow Blue. The parts manual describes the factory carpet as Midnight Blue (or red or black) and I can see from the...