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Member BCF Email Address

Page describing Member BCF email addresses.

If you are a subscriber (supporting member) of British Car Forum, at the Silver or higher level, you can have your own (optional) British Car Forum email address Details:

1. Email Addresses may be set up for you using any of the following email domains:

  • [yourname]@britishcarforum.com
  • [yourname]@healeyforum.com
  • [yourname]@jaguarforum.org
  • [yourname]@lotuscarforum.com
  • [yourname]@mg-forum.com
  • [yourname]@minicarforum.com
  • [yourname]@spridgetforum.com
  • [yourname]@sunbeamforum.com
  • [yourname]@tigerforum.com
  • [yourname]@triumphforum.com
2. Silver members get one address, Gold can have up to 3, while Platinum members can have up to 5 email addresses.

3. You can choose any of the above domains, or combination of domains. For example, a Gold level member could have:.

bulldog23@britishcarforum.com, billy.bob@spridgetforum.com, and luvmycar@healeyforum.com

4. NOTE:. It is recommended you not use these email addresses as your primary email.

5. If you have would like on or more email addresses, you agree to the following:

  • You will not hold British Car Forum, LLC liable for any data loss (We recommend you not use this as your primary email address and that you archive or backup important emails)
  • You will not use your BCF-provided email address as your email of record in your BCF memer profile
  • You will not use your BCF-provided email address to engage in any illegal activities
6. Your BCF email account can be accessed via our British Car Forum email web client, or you can add it to your mil program like you would any other email account.

7. If your subscription lapses, your email account will be suspended, but will be re-enabled if you re-subscribe withiin 30-days. After 30 days of a laped subscription, your email account may be deleted.

If you are interested in one or more BCF-provided email addresses using any of the aforementioned domains, please contact me by Private Message (also called Private Converstion)

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    Feb 2, 2023
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